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Honeywell D06F-1 1/4A

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Honeywell D06F-1 1/4A

The Honeywell D06F pressure reducing valves protect domestic water systems against excessive water supply pressure. They can also be used for industrial and commercial applications with regards to their specifications. It reduces both the water consumption and the damage caused by overpressure. The set outlet pressure can be maintained even when there are wide inlet pressure fluctuations. By reducing and maintaining the operating pressure, noise from water hammer is minimised.
Application range:
Water, compressed air and nitrogen up to 40°C
- with setting scale
- housing made of dezincification-resistant brass
- with balanced single-seated valve
- spring cap and adjustment handle made of high-quality plastic
- exchangeable valve insert made of corrosion-resistant plastic
- filter holder made of corrosion-resistant plastic, as series with fine filter
  made of stainless steel
- filter cup made of impact-resistant, clear plastic
- pressure gauge connections G¼ on both sides
- DVGW type-tested in the connection sizes G½" up to 2"
- noise-tested in the connection sizes subject to tested R½" to R1¼". Group 1,
  without requirements
- DVGW registration number DW 6330 AT 2314
Technical data:
- maximum inlet pressure: 16 bar
- outlet pressure: 1.5 up to 6 bar (pre-set at 3 bar)
- minimum pressure drop: 1 bar
- mesh size of fine filter: approx. 0.16 mm
- maximum operating temperature: 40° C

D06F-...A= with threaded nozzle
D06F-...E = without connection fitting