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Oil detector OM5, Afriso

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Oil detector OM 5, Afriso

The Afriso OM5 oil detector together with 1 to 5 photoelectric probes is suitable to detect oils, like e.g. fuel oil EL, L, M, diesel fuel, low viscosity lubricating oils of danger class AIII, motor oils, gearbox oils, hydraulic oils, vegetable oils and transformer oils. OM5 is a display unit with integrated operating status LED, alarm LED, buzzer (can be
switched off) and output relay. Photelectric probes are mounted at the lowest point of the object to be monitored. The alarm is triggered  when the probe comes into contact with liquid. The oil detector is designed for wall mounting in dry roooms. The alarm units are suitable for panel mounting with a mounting frame. Photoelectric probes must be ordered separately.
Technical data:
- supply voltage: AC 230 V
- power consumption: 5 VA
- switching output: 1 voltage-free changeover contact
- contact rating: AC 230 V 2 A
- reaction time: 2 sec.
- dimensions (H x W x D): 163 x 79 x 62 mm
- type of protection: IP 30
Technical Approval of the German Institute for Building Technology: