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Siemens 5WG1205-2AB21 Replaced by Siemens 5WG1205-2AB22

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SIEMENS 5WG1205-2AB21 Replaced by Siemens 5WG1205-2AB22

Touch control TC5

Multi-functional display and control unit with KNX S-Mode
● Operation via 5 inch color touch screen
   – Control of light, blinds and scenes
   – Room temperature PI controller and/or ventilation
   – Interface and operation for VRF devices (VRF: Variable Refrigerant Flow)
   – Display of temperature, humidity, air quality, energy metering value, etc.
● Schedule, event management and basic logic function
● Configurable navigation for up to 15 function pages
● Administrator function via password or bus objects
● Proximity sensor, adjustment of screen brightness, buzzer
● Customization possible for wall paper, screen saver, and configurable icons
● Mounting on both round and square conduit boxes, 60 mm fixing centers