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Siemens 5WG1263-1DB51

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Siemens 5WG1263-1DB51

N 263D51Binary input, 8 x AC/DC 10…230 V

  • Per input one AC or DC contact in the range of 10...230 V
  • Per input direct operation function on the device for simulation of input status and indication oft the input status via LED
  • Button on the device front for deactivation of the direct mode operation and LED to indicate activation direct mode operation
  • Maintenance-free terminals for connection and through-wiring of untreated single-core, stranded or multi-core conductors, 0.5 ... 2.5 mm²
  • Max. 100 m length of the connection lines with twisted pair cables
  • Bus-powered electronics
  • Housing: plastic, color RAL 7035 (light grey), N-system
  • DIN rail mounted device for mounting on rail TH35 according to DIN EN 60715
  • Type of protection: IP 20
  • Max. width 8 MW (1 MW = 18 mm)

Additional functionalities GAMMA

  • One input-object per input for sending after change of the switching state
  • Adjustable debounce time per input
  • Adjustable locking of each input via an corresponding locking object
  • Adjustable functions of each input: Send switching state/binary value with adjustable cyclically sending, switch edge, 1-button dimming, 1-button solar protection control, scene control, send values, pulse counting with adjustable threshold value detection, forced control, effect controller, group control, multi-touch control, colour temperature control
  • Depending on the selected main function, adjustable further functions, as additional telegram with adjustable transmission delay
  • Adjustable functions per pair of inputs: 2-button dimming with stop telegram, 2-button dimming with cyclical transmission, 2-button solar protection control, 2-button value transmission variable, differential counting with adjustable threshold value detection
  • Two logic operations per input (AND/OR/NAND/NOR/FILTER/TRIGGER)
  • Adjustable transmission time for status objects after bus voltage recovery and transmission delay between status objects
  • Adjustable behaviour after download
  • Surveillance of device function