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Siemens 5WG1525-1DB11, N 525D11

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Siemens 5WG1525-1DB11, N 525D11

• 2 DALI outputs with DALI-2 certification
• Control capacity for up to 20 DALI-ECGs per DALI output
• DALI output voltage of 19 V, short circuit resistant
• Integrated power supply with input voltage AC 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz or DC 120-240 V for powering the gateway electronics and DALI output
• LED display for displaying operation mode and the following failure messages: Illuminant defective, DALI incorrect voltage, DALI short circuit, no ECG found
• One pair of push buttons for switching On/Off and dimming of all connected DALI ECG
• Button on the device front for deactivation of the direct mode operation and LED to indicate activation direct mode operation
• Building site function that provides ex-factory enables switching the building site lighting on and off via bus wall switches and actuators, even if these devices have not yet been commissioned with the Engineering Tool Software (ETS)
• Housing: plastic, N-system
• DIN rail mounted device for mounting on rail TH35 according to DIN EN 60715
• Type of protection: IP 20
• Max. width 4 TE (1 TE = 18 mm)Additional functionalities GAMMA• Control of color temperature (Tunable White)
• One switching, dimming and color temperature value and status object per output
• Selectable operation mode (normal mode, time switch mode, blinking)
• Adjustable ON- and OFF-delay, control value input object, central switching
• Adjustable dimming time for switching, dimming and color temperature
• Switch an output on or off by dimming
• Seven configurable dimming curves
• Maximum and minimum dimming and color temperature value
• Configurable sending of status objects on request, cyclically, and / or automatically after a change
• Configurable state on voltage failure and on voltage recovery
• Night mode for time-limited switching the output, i.e. the lighting, at night
• Variable On period at night or time switch mode, time limit in timer switch mode, warning signal prior to imminent switching-off
• Manual override, permanent OFF switching, forced control, locking mode
• Counting of operating hours and counting of load cycles with threshold monitoring
• Integrated 8-bit scene control and linking of each output into up to 8 scenes
• Failure status objects

HS CODE: 85371091

COO: Romania