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Siemens 5WG1545-1DB31, N 545D31

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Siemens 5WG1545-1DB31, N 545D31

  • For control of drives with a DC motor for DC 24 V

  • Two relays per output for polarity switching of the output voltage

  • Rated contact operating voltage DC 24 V

  • Rated contact current: 6 A

  • Electronics for detection of the actuation of an electromechanical and electronic limit switches

  • Automatic travel time determination via current detection

  • Per actuator channel direct operation function on the device for driving solar protection up/down, stop command and slat adjustment

  • Two status LEDs per actuator channel to indicate the direction of travel and an override

  • Button on the device front for deactivation of the direct mode operation and LED to indicate activation direct mode operation

  • Maintenance-free terminals for connection and through-wiring of untreated single-core, stranded or multi-core conductors, 0.5 ... 2.5 mm²

  • Two terminals per actuator channel for motor connection (up, down)

  • Two terminals on the device to connect the DC 24 V (+/-) to supply the load circuits

  • Bus-powered electronics

  • Housing: plastic, color RAL 7035 (light grey), N-system

  • DIN rail mounted device for mounting on rail TH35 according to DIN EN 60715

  • Type of protection: IP 20

Additional functionalities GAMMA

  • Selectable operation mode blinds, shutter/awning, ventilation flap

  • Per actuator channel motion commands for moving and stopping the solar protection or for adjustment of blind slats

  • Per actuator channel direct movement to a position of the sunblind and the blind slats

  • Per actuator channel central movement of the solar protection in manual mode and automatic mode and delay time for Up / Down

  • Distinction between automatic and manual mode (position of the sunblind and blind slats) and adjustable behaviour in sunshine

  • Programming and recalling preset positions 1-4 and 8-bit scene control

  • Adjustable behaviour in case of override (wind, rain, frost, lock, forced position, forced control, range limitation)

  • Adjustable reverse pause time and delay times of the drives

  • Per actuator channel configurable state on bus voltage failure and start value on bus voltage recovery

  • Adjustable transmission of status objects (direct operation, automatic operation, curtain and slat position, travel, calibration travel time to end positions, overriding) on request, cyclically and/or upon change

  • Adjustable transmission time of the status objects after bus voltage recovery and transmission delay between the status objects

  • Surveillance of device function