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Siemens CWG.BOX-EU, S55813-Y100

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Siemens CWG.BOX-EU, S55813-Y100

The Connect Box is a simple, universal, and open IoT solution to connect and monitor small and medium-sized buildings.
Users can start within a day thanks to plug & play installation and the simple configuration and intuitive UI.
Improving energy efficiency, building comfort and reducing costs in existing buildings has never been that easy.

--> Library of over 500 field devices ready to connect
--> Smart converter of 11 communication protocols, both standard and proprietary, wired and radio
--> Default data retrieval at 10-minutes intervals (excluding IoT-sensors that have their own frequencies to minimize battery consumption). Commands (downlink) are sent instantly
--> Local or cloud connectivity via 4G IP, field bus
--> Over-the-air updates via 4G
--> Local IoT private network based on LoRa
--> Powerful integration up to 3rd party applications
--> Full-service, no networking skills required thanks to 4G cloud connectivity
--> BMS essentials included in user console on
--> Public API management and documentation

HS CODE: 85176200

COO: France