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Siemens EXF4U20E100, S55300-M119

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Siemens EXF4U20E100, S55300-M119

  • RS485 for Modbus RTU integration e.g. into Climatix

  • Ethernet Daisychain for BACnet IP integration into Desigo

  • Cloud connectivity to extend functionality with various Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) packages such as Building Operator – a cloud-based application to manage fleet of sites

  • Power supply AC/DC 24 V

  • Control signal analog DC0/2..10V or 4..20mA

  • With flanged connections to ISO 7005/1

  • For use in heating, ventilating, air conditioning systems as a control valve and for dynamic hydraulic balancing

  • For use with cooling, chilled, low and high temperature water and water/ethylene glycol mixtures in closed circuits

  • Volume flow 15'000…50'000 l/h.

  • Contains the following 7 components:

  • IntelligentValve Controller ASE4U10E / S55845-Z205

  • Flow sensor AVF4E100 / S55845-Z215

  • Control valve VXF42.100-160 / S55204-V143

  • Mounting set ALF4E100 / S55845-Z220

  • Actuator SAX61.03/HR / S55150-A142

  • Pair of temperature sensors EZU10-10025 / S55845-Z230

  • Pair of protective pockets EZT-S100 / S55845-Z232

HS CODE: 84818059

COO: Germany