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Siemens FDOOT241-A9, S54310-F11-A1

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Siemens FDOOT241-A9, S54310-F11-A1

For early detection of flaming fires caused by the combustion of liquid and solid matter, as well as smoldering fires. For early and reliable fire detection in environments with deceptive phenomena.
Works according to the scattered-light principle with two sensors, optical forward and backward scattering. Opto-electronic sampling chamber blocks disturbing extraneous light but optimally detects both dark and light smoke particles. Two additional heat sensors increase the fire detector’s immunity to deceptive phenomena. Software can be set to multi-sensor smoke detector, smoke detector or heat detector. Selectable detection behavior thanks to application-specific ASA parameter sets.
Can be used as an addressable or collective device.
Multi-protocol: Collective (Cerberus, Siemens) / SynoLINE300
The base must be ordered separately.
Also available in different colors.

HS CODE: 85311030

COO: Switzerland