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Siemens FDSB227-WW, S54364-F16-A1

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Siemens FDSB227-WW, S54364-F16-A1

Voice sounder beacon base with white LED

The device provides an alarm in an addressed fire detection system and activates an acoustic and optical alarm signal with a voice message in the event of a fire alarm. It is mounted on the ceiling e. g. in hotel rooms, along escape routes, corridors, staircases and offices. The sound level, the tones, the luminous intensity and the voice messages are adjustable, the devices are synchronized. 15 languages are integrated in the device, each voice message can be emitted in two consecutive languages.
Supply and communication via FDnet/C-NET, no auxiliary power needed. The device automatically monitors its beacon and acoustic function.
The base must be ordered separately.

HS Code: 85311030

Coo: China