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Siemens MVL661.32-10, S55320-M105

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Siemens MVL661.32-10, S55320-M105

2-port refrigerant valve, internal solder connection, DN32, kvs 10, AC / DC 24 V, DC 0/2...10 V / 0/4...20 mA

Hermetically sealed 2-port valves for modulating control of chillers and heat pumps.

  • Expansion, hot-gas and suction throttle applications with one type of valve
  • PS45, stainless steel with soldering connections
  • Integrated power electronic with precise position feedback signal
  • For safety refrigerants such as R22, R134a, R404A, R407C, R410A, R507, and R744 (CO2). Not suitable for inflammable refrigerants.

Additional info

The MVL661..-.. refrigerant valve is used in conjunction with PolyCool for superheat control or Climatix for chiller control.
MVL661..-.. replaces M2FS..LX.., M2FE..L.. and MVL661.25.
MVL661..-.. are UL listed.
ASR61: Replacement electronics in the event of defective valve electronics.

HS Code: 84818059

Coo: Germany