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Siemens RDG204KN, S55770-T410

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Siemens RDG204KN, S55770-T410 KNX communicating room thermostat with CO2 sensor. Outputs modulating (PWM / 3-pos.) or on/off. Fan coil (3-speed / DC fan), universal applications

  • Built-in temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors
  • Indoor air quality monitoring and controlling (CO2) via fresh air damper
  • Display of CO2 value in ppm (parts per million) or with text
  • For applications with 2-position (on/off or PWM) or 3-position control outputs
  • For applications with 3-speed or DC 0...10 V fan
  • AC 230 V or AC 24 V power supply.

Application selectable:
  • 2-pipe system
  • 2-pipe system with electrical heater
  • 2-pipe system and radiator / floor heating
  • 2-pipe / 2-stage heating or cooling
  • 4-pipe system
  • 4-pipe system with electrical heater
  • 4-pipe / 2-stage heating and cooling system (selectable also for 2-stage cooling / 1-stage heating or 2-stage heating / 1-stage cooling)

HS CODE: 90321020

COO: China