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Siemens RVL480

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Siemens RVL480

Key functions
Weather-compensated flow temperature control, with or without room influence
6 preprogrammed plant types are provided

Plant system

  • Control of a mixing valve serving a heating zone (space heating)
  • Control of a burner (1- or 2-stage)
  • Control of a valve in the primary return of a heating zone with district heat connection
  • Demand-dependent control (precontrol) of a mixing valve / of the boiler temperature / of a heat exchanger (heat demand signal via data bus)

Additional functions
The RVL480 offers the following functions (no submodules or extra devices required):

  • Display of parameters, actual values, operating states and fault status signals
  • 7-day program with 3 heating periods per day
  • 2 additional programs, each with 3 switching periods per day
  • Automatic summer/winter changeover
  • Holiday program (up to 8 holiday periods per year)
  • Optimum start/stop in accordance with the heating program (with or without room influence)
  • Automatic ECO function, depending on the outside temperature and the type of building construction
  • Optional remote selection of operating modes (via room unit or external switch)
  • Scalable DC 0…10 V output for passing on the heat request to other devices
  • Quick setback and boost heating
  • Preselection of flow temperature setpoint via external contact
  • Minimum and maximum limitation of the flow temperature
  • Minimum and maximum limitation of the return temperature (shifting / constant)
  • Maximum limitation of the room temperature
  • Communication with other devices via the data bus
  • Limitation of the return temperature differential (DRT) for district heat applications
  • Frost protection and pump protection
  • Flow temperature alarm