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Siemens STA161.65L10, S55174-A214

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Siemens STA161.65L10, S55174-A214

for radiator valves, small valves and Combi valves

Electrothermal actuators, stem extended in a deenergized state (NC) for 2-position and quasi-proportional control of heating systems, chilled ceilings and terminal units. With position indication.

Suited for valves:

  • Radiator valves VDN../VEN../VUN../VPD../VPE..
  • Small valves VD1..CLC and V..I46..
  • Combi valves VPP46.., VPI46..
  • Valves of other manufacturers

Additional info

For fitting to valve: Cap nut M30 x 1.5

HS CODE: 84128080

COO: Germany