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Siemens WSN606-BE, S55561-F266

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Siemens WSN606-BE, S55561-F266

The WSM6.. heat meters and WSN6.. heat and cooling energy meters acquire the volume flow statically based on the ultrasonic measuring principle. They are available as wall-mounting versions in different sizes. The meters excel in great measuring accuracy, a volume measuring section made of brass, and wear resistance.
The consumption values acquired by the meter can be read out either on the meter itself or from a remote location. The meter transmits the current consumption value, the monthly values, the set day value and error messages to the respective data collector.
The processor can be removed (cable length 1.5 m). The display informs the user about the amount of energy consumed.
The WSM6.. and WSB6.. are used in residential or commercial buildings to acquire the amount of heat or cooling energy consumed.


The heat and cooling energy meter WSN6.. is a measuring instrument to physically acquire the correct energy consumption. The device consists of a flow
measuring section made brass, 2 ready connected
temperature sensors, and an electronic unit which calculates the energy consumption from
the flow and temperature differential. The compact meter is of compact design and
therefore ideally suited for use in apartments.

HS CODE: 90268020

COO: Germany