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Siemens WTV676-HB6035, S55563-F150

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Siemens WTV676-HB6035, S55563-F150

The M-bus web server reads devices connected directly to the web server, devices connected to the web server via level converters as well as devices connected to the web server via RF converters.
Web server can be used:

  • Alone with up to 20 directly connected, wired M-bus devices
  • As master on a M-bus network with up to six parallel connected level converters per line. Per line up to 250 M-bus devices (max. 250 M-bus meters, max. 250 RVD converters) can be connected.
  • As a master on an M-bus wireless network with up to 23 RF converters, each with up to 500 wireless devices

The web server can read out up to 2,500 wireless devices and up to 500 wired devices. It records the data from the connected M-bus devices, can evaluate the data, and sends email notifications on events and alarms.
A PC/Internet browser reads the data and log files either locally over Ethernet or from anywhere over the Internet. In addition, the report files can be periodically transmitted with device data to an email recipient or to an FTP server.

An email can be sent on events and alarms.
The web server can be integrated in the Synco IC-Cloud. This permits the periodic upload of invoicing and trend data as well as alarm messages to the cloud per customized settings as well as distributing the information to the corresponding customers via email.

HS CODE: 85437090

COO: Italy