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SRC-ADO 4AA/2DO 24 V type fancoil, change-over

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Actuator – EnOcean (868 MHz), 0..10 V, Switch contact

Application/type Actuator
Purpose Room Climate Control, Lighting control, Shading control
Interface EnOcean (868 MHz), 0..10 V, Switch contact
Functions heating ON/OFF, Fan coil thermostat, fan enable relay, hygrostat control, signal contact, change-over, integrated PI controller, lighting, blinds/shutter, switch actuator, multi actuator
Configuration Software/Plug-In for configuration
Output voltage 4x 0..10 V, max. load 10 mA
Output switch contact 2x changeover contact, floating, load max. 5 A, switching capacity, 8 A resisitve load
Radio technology EnOcean (IEC 14543-3-10) 868 MHz, transmission power <10 mW
Data transmission unidirectional, external antenna with magnetic base
Operating range temperature (°C) 0..+60
Operating ranges temperature (°C) 0..+60
Operating range humidity max. 85% rH non-condensing
Power supply 15..24 V = (±10%) SELV, 24 V ~ (±10%) SELV
Power consumption typ. 3,5 W (24 V =), 6,5 VA (24 V ~)
Display 4 LEDs showing status of the device
Enclosure ABS
Colour light grey
Protection (IP) IP20, according to EN 60529
Connection terminal block, max. 1,5 mm²
Mounting prepared for mounting on DIN rail TS35 (35x7,5 mm) according to EN 60715
Delivery content incl. external receiving/transmitting antenna (2,5 m) with magnetic base
Packaging length (mm) 120
Packaging width (mm) 100
Packaging height (mm) 100
Packaging case packaging
Device length (mm) 105
Device width (mm) 90
Device height (mm) 65
Weight (g) 350
Notes magnetic antenna plate for the external antenna recommended to improve radio coverage (see accessories), for inductive and/or capacitive loads, a suitable protective circuit must be provided (varistor, RC element, inrush current limitation, ...)
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