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testo 416, vane anemometer, 0560.4160

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testo 416 vane anemometer

The compact testo 416 anemometer with permanently attached vane probe incl. telescope (max. 890 mm). The volume flow is shown directly in the display. Accurate volume flow calculation due to easy input of duct area. Timed and multi-point mean calculation provide information on average volume flow. Min/max. values can also be indicated on the display. The hold function enables the user to freeze the current reading on the display.

Technical data:

- Probe type: vane
- Measuring range 0.6 ... 40 m/s (0 ... 60 °C)
- Accuracy ± (0.2 m/s 1.5% v. Mw.)
- Resolution 0.1 m/s
- Dimension: 182 × 64 × 40 mm
- Weight 325 g

Order data:

- testo 416, vane anemometer with permanenty attached
16 mm telescopic vane (max. 890 mm),
- incl. battery and calibration protocol

Manufacturer No.  0560 4160