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TS2 three-phase 3-ph 120 A 78 kW

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Power thyristors

Application/type Power thyristors
Configuration jumper, DIP switches
Output voltage reference voltage for potentiometer: 10 V =
Output switch contact signal contact at 100% Ua, signal contact in case of fault state, changeover contacts, 2A for 230 V ~, floating, output for ohmic and inductive loads, 78 kW (400 V ~ / 120 A)
Input input for potentiometer 2,5..10 kΩ, input for PTC according to DIN 44081, electrical activation via setpoint signal 0..10 V =, 0..20 or 4..20 mA, optionally configurable
Operating range temperature (°C) 0..+55
Operating ranges temperature (°C) 0..+55
Power supply L1, L2, L3, N: 400 V ~ 48..62 Hz, self-synchronizing
Power consumption typ. 324 W
Display 9 LEDs showing status of the device
Enclosure aluminium, cover plexiglass
Protection (IP) IP42, according to EN 60529
Connection power connections, M8 connection screw for cable lug, connection control electronics, max. 1.5 mm²
Mounting 4 mounting holes Ø=8 mm for mounting on galvanized mounting plates (control cabinet)
Device length (mm) 200
Device width (mm) 140
Device height (mm) 115
Catalogue table Power thyristors
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