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Siemens 5WG1605-1DB41, N 605D41

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Siemens 5WG1605-1DB41, N 605D41

  • For control of electrothermal valve drives for AC 24...230 V in heating/cooling systems via 6 noiseless semiconductor outputs

  • Electronic protection of the outputs against short circuit and overload

  • Rated current: 0.5 A per channel and group of 3 outputs

  • Max. inrush current (2 sec.): 3.5 A per channel and group of 3 outputs

  • Max. inrush current (2 min.): 0.9 A per channel and group of 3 outputs

  • Direct operation per channel for opening and closing the valve and activating direct operation

  • Red LED per channel to indicate valve open or closed and status of the control value

  • Red error LED per channel to indicate overload/short circuit and pover voltage failure

  • Maintenance-free terminals for connection and through-wiring of untreated single-core, stranded or multi-core conductors, 0.5 ... 2.5 mm²

  • 2 terminals per channel for connecting the electrothermal valve drives

  • 2 terminals on the unit for supply of the valve voltage AC 24...230 V

  • Bus-powered electronics

  • Housing: plastic, color RAL 7035, N-system

  • DIN rail mounted device for mounting on rail TH35 according to DIN EN 60715

  • Type of protection: IP 20

Additional functionalities GAMMA

  • Per channel setting of the valve operation direction de-energised open or closed

  • Per channel optional control via switching commands or continuous positioning commands

  • Per channel control value limitation and adjustment of the valve characteristic for continuous control values

  • Per channel control value monitoring

  • Adjustable behaviour in case of override (lock, service mode, forced position, forced control)

  • Per output automatic, demand-oriented or manual valve rinsing

  • Per output operating hours counting and switching cycle counting with limit value monitoring

  • Evaluation of control values for heating or cooling demand requirements on a primary system and for controlling heating or cooling circuit pumps

  • 6 room temperature controllers for 2-pipe or 4-pipe systems, adjustable as 2-position control or continuous control, for heating-only mode, cooling-only mode, heating and cooling mode, with two-stage heating or cooling

  • Output of the control values optionally as switching command On/Off or as continuous control command

  • 13 min., max. and weighted value calculators

  • 6 logical operations (AND/OR/XOR/TRIGGER/LOCK)

  • Surveillance of device function

HS CODE: 85371091

COO: Romania