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Siemens S/RVP200.0

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Siemens S/RVP200.0 Controller Without Time Switch

Heating controllers for use in residential or smaller commercial buildings that have their own heat generation. Easy-to-understand operating elements for the enduser.

Key functions
Weather-compensated flow or boiler temperature control, with or without room influence or room temperature control. Control of 3- or 2-position actuators or direct control of a burner and circulating pump.

Additional settings

  • Quick setback and boost heating
  • Heating curve
  • Room temperature influence
  • Frost protection for the plant and the room
  • Automatic ECO function for switching the heating system on and off depending on demand
  • Maximum limitation of the flow or boiler temperature
  • Pump overrun and pump kick
  • Remote switching of operating modes (via room unit or external switch)

Operating modes
The following operating modes can be selected with the slider: Automatic/Standby, Automatic/Reduced, Setback, Normal operation, Standby.

HS CODE: 90321020

COO: Germany